About SST International Co.

SST International's founder is an engineer with over twenty-five years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, project and general management. With over ten years experience in Pacific Rim factories, SST has the engineering expertise and manufacturing muscle to meet even the most demanding specifications. Our extensive contacts in the Pacific Rim allow us to choose the factory that is best suited to your project needs, turn around requirements and budget.

SST's multi-lingual staff understands project specifications and deliver solutions that will meet your bottom line. We understand the meaning of long term relationships with our customers and have built our business philosophy and operations on meeting your needs. SST gives the answer to your Purchasing or Engineering questions in the form of a quote you can trust.

SST performs the following liaison functions:

  1. Works with your Purchasing or Engineering staff to determine your specific PCB technical, financial and delivery requirements.
  2. Takes your technical specifications (PCB summary specifications; board outline drawings; or Gerber files) and generates detailed instructions to the appropriate factories for quoting.
  3. Recommends efficient panelization that will keep your PCB cost low and also meet the physical constraints of your manufacturing equipment.
  4. Negotiates for the lowest possible "best and final" landed cost that is FOB your dock.
  5. Schedules the manufacturing, Engineeriing Change Order cut-in, SST Source Inspection and ex-factory shipment.
  6. Performs the international logistics, customs clearance, freight forwarding and delivery functions.
  7. Provides a secured off-site bonded inventory for high volume PCB's (subject to negotiation).
  8. Reviews discrepancy reports with your Quality or Engineering Departments and implements corrective action necessary to correct the discrepancy.
SST is focused on Printed Circuit Board manufacturing and has a technical staff that will suit your needs. We want to establish the long-term relationship that will have SST as part of your Purchasing or Engineering team. Please includes us on your next RFQ and discover the SST difference.

Headquarters: 432 Coronado Hills Drive     San Marcos    CA 92078    TEL: (760) 591-3873     FAX: (760) 471-7175
Liaison Offices: Seoul, Korea; Ansan City, Korea
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